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Pure Carbon AC Furnace Filters

Nordic Pure is now offering Pure Carbon AC Furnace Air Filters for eliminating odors in your home or office. Our activated carbon air filters consist of a durable non-woven polyester base media infused with a naturally derived charcoal that is treated with oxygen in order to open up millions of tiny molecular size pores between the carbon atoms. These pores are highly "adsorbent", forming a strong chemical bond, or attraction, to odorous, gaseous air molecules. Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules from a a surface. Nordic Pure carbon air filters contain 74 grams of activated carbon per square yard - yielding a surface area in excess of eight acres! In other words, air containing smelly gases, VOC's, pass through the activated carbon filter and the gas molecules will adhere to the carbon - allowing clean air to continue into your ac furnace air filter system.